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I’m usually not one to try and recreate meals I have had in restaurants. The first reason is that I haven’t been to many spectacular restaurants. The second is that when I do have those experiences, I don’t even think about trying to repeat them at home. When I find something I love, I don’t trust myself to recreate the experience, because what if I messed it up? What if I get it wrong and forget how spectacular the right thing was?

Besides, I don’t want to work out some complicated recipe. « Read the rest of this entry »

Bright January

February 1, 2014 § 6 Comments

It’s been a completely lousy January here. While the East gets Leon and polar vortexes, I’ve watched the snow  melt away as the daily forecasts are stuck in the thirties. I would happily suffer through falling on ice, driving on slippery roads, and cold so intense you forget what warm ears felt like… if only I could have a foot of snow back.

And so I made blintzes.

Hello, gorgeous juicy sweet summery blackberries!
I know it’s the middle of winter, the height of no-berry season, but…  with warm(er) weather, blackberries on sale, and very little else to select from in the produce department, there was really no other option. Seriously, how long can a person survive on onion soup, mushrooms, and apples? « Read the rest of this entry »

Dorm Cooking

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Of course when I was choosing my dorm, the only imperative was that it had a kitchen. No college cafeteria, food court, or microwaved foods please. Cooking is my de-stresser, procrastination technique, and raison d’être.


My kitchen is small and understocked, but that doesn’t stop me from making good food. A lot of it makes my roommates think I’m absurd, but I don’t care about taking part in the college experience (read: Top Ramen) when I can enjoy foods that are full of vibrant, fresh flavor. My philosophy is that food should always be enjoyed. There are so many new foods to explore, old favorites to savor, and seasonal meals to make before the ingredients are gone again. There are no meals to waste!

pan corner

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Hello, World

October 20, 2013 § 1 Comment


I have been a silent listener for long time… a food porn addict, checking my favorite blogs for updates at least once a day. This isn’t my first attempt at creating my own blog, but this is the first time I’ve actually written a post!


I’ve always been intimidated by the skills of food bloggers. Their photography is breathtaking. Their writing is witty and inspirational. Their recipes are inspired. I tried to postpone the creation of my own blog until I felt I could somewhat match their prowess.

toasted coconut flakes

But I’ve come to realize that I should stop fearing failure, and learn how to learn. Everybody starts somewhere. It’s O.K. for my pictures to be at weird angles, my writing to be awkward, and my posts to be infrequent at first… it means I can only improve. « Read the rest of this entry »

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